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Afrique Merchants and Trade Services Limited (AMTS Ltd)

The main objective would be to set up a two-pronged medium to large sized import/export enterprise based in Lagos, Nigeria that on the one hand acts as a trading platform directly involved in the importation of high demand goods mostly agricultural produce and other critical commodities from other African countries into the Nigerian market as well as exporting highly produced Nigerian goods to the most demanding African markets. On the other hand, the enterprise shall serve as a middle man agency for other smaller sized African merchants (both organisations and individuals) who either have a commodity to export and need help identifying the most lucrative markets and buyers in other parts of the continent, or are local traders, wholesalers and retailers seeking the most suitable markets and sellers in other parts of the continent to import certain commodities from. The enterprise shall also provide other necessary market intelligence data and analysis to clients such as prices, market dynamics and shipping information. In this regard, the enterprise shall serve as both a transnational logistics organisation and a trade consulting firm for other merchants in the African continent with a long term vision of fostering sustainable trade relationships between the various African countries as well as curtailing intercontinental trade in Africa which impacts the continent economy negatively.

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