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Célia CHABI Training psychologist, I am passionate about nature, nature, culture, travel and love of reading. I started my entrepreneurial life very early. In 2004, I launched my first program, which consisted of organizing contests, activities for underprivileged children in my neighborhood at that time, to enable them to have school supplies for the upcoming school year. Thanks to the leftover supplies my dad gave me and the savings I made during the year, this would allow me to cover my program. In 2008, I was part of a school group slam and rap but I gave up later because I felt more comfortable writing … In 2010, I launched my second program, which consisted of helping young girls and boys in depressive times through counseling, experience sharing and follow-up. In 2012, I launched a third program to psychologically support women and girls victims of violence of any kind. In 2015, I launched another program in my home village that promotes reading through art and culture to enable young people to take an interest in it. In 2016, I decided to do a three-month internship in a local company that promotes local products just to know what it's like to work for someone for me and bring them my knowledge in the field of plants as far as they are concerned   In 2017, I formalize my company * KIEL WELL-BEING * which allows to fight against malnutrition in Benin but in rural areas in particular. A project on which I worked for years and which also earned me to be Yalienne. I organize sensitization on good nutrition and hygiene in remote areas that are the most affected. In 2018 I launched another program * Virgin Warrior * which is a network of virgin girls from 12 to 22 years to whom we offer free training in several areas. This idea was born from the fact that there are so many early pregnancies in school or not in my community. So I thought of this strategy to fix it in my own way. Today all these programs are grouped in an association KIEL WELL-BEING "YINROU" All this allowed me to know some countries like Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo, Nigeria and Senegal I participate in many activities, training to acquire other experiences. I am calm, reserved and shy of nature but thanks to certain formations I could learn to open myself to others. I do not participate in many competitions and others but as merit: In January 2018, I was the runner-up of the Women All Over Universal World (WAOUW) In my community (Muslim), it is not easy for a woman to undertake because of religion, prejudices and others. I am struggling to be an example for all these Muslim women to prove that we can be a Muslim entrepreneur woman and keep her values, her dignity, her honor. I put this last as it is really important to me. I organize workshops, activities in this direction to help my sisters and their husbands understand this.

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Managing Director of KIEL BIEN-ÊTRE, a Baobab recovery and transformation company. our fight for the reduction of child malnutrition, pregnant women, the elderly and for the authorization of the rural woman through products derived from baobab allowed me to have the 3rd prize of the Women’s All Over The Universal World , the Africa Startup Tour Innovation Award, the 3rd prize of the Cotonou Get In The Ring, Alumna Yali Dakar. Products enriched for the African population, a food security for all, a real empowerment of the rural woman, it is possible thanks to KIEL BIEN-ÊTRE