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Born August 20, 1984, Bismarck Sossa is a young multimedia journalist from Benin with more than 10 years in the practice of journalism and communication. His contact with the population led him to understand that, as a journalist, it was not enough to raise the problems of the community in a media but he could also provide a solution to the needs. Thus was born his desire to serve. In 2015, Bismarck Sossa was nominated laureate of the Africa Innovation program and followed her first training of Media Entrepreneurship in Dakar. A women’s rights activist, he founded the first news website on women, gender and development in 2016 and launched her first communication company “Mamabenin Communication” in May 2018 to provide communication services to small businesses.

His current challenge is to correct the low presence of women in mainstream media, to combat gender stereotypes and inequalities between men and women. Today its media is increasingly recognized as an idea for the promotion of women in the media.

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