May 28, 2019 20:46


I have casted my vote on your idea ! I find it interesting that you are engage to change disadvantages girls into heroes ! Gool luck for your idea. As far as I'm concern I am working on a project of a digital media that highlight girls and women. As you know, they are less presented in local news. My project is nominated as Best Project 2019 in the competition. I invite you to read and vote my project at this link and live me a comment

Comment on: Mamabenin
May 28, 2019 20:36

Thanks dear,
hope you have voted to impulse Mamabenin. Our ambition is to contribute in deconstructing gender base stereotypes by using the capacity and forces of media. Women participate a lot in the development of our countries but their efforts are less recognized simply because they are women. Our will is to put in place a media that contribute to highlight women and show the next generation of girl that their have the same opportunities as boys.

Help share my project with this link

Comment on: Crochet Hub Africa
May 26, 2019 16:35

If there is something in which I believe for future Africa it's the potential of women to contribute to the solutions of our needs !

Congratulations to you Lambisa for your shoes project. You should have chosen to stay teacher and earn salaries but you decided to bring your part of solutions to environmental issues by recycling waste. Your are the type of woman my project Mamabenin (a Website that highlight women) works to promote. You can know more about Mamabenin here because we have been nominated too

Good luck!

Comment on: Mamabenin
May 24, 2019 21:53

Thanks Ferry. Really appreciate your suggestion to open Mamabenin to English speaking countries by broadcasting its content either in French and English. I think we can take it into account. Thanks and help share the project.