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Energy Access/ Renewable Energy/ Energy Efficiency – Energy and Environment Sustainable Land Management/ Desertification – Energy and Environment Resource and Envrionment Management Environmental evaluation

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I am an Environmental Engineer which has just finish MSC with excellent results, I have studied during my studies at the University of Milan, Italy, and the University of Life Sciences, Lublin, Poland as an Erasmus+ Student, also work on the National Agency of Coastline, on Project Performance and Management sector since 2 years now. Despite my academic life, I have been involved and work with different NGOs, NPOs, Youth Forums, and many other similar organizations for more than 8 years now. During this time I have worked as a mentor, youth worker, project writer, IT, and manager of social media and websites.
Moreover, I have been the co-founder of the Youth Forum for Environment and Agriculture. For the moment I am part of NCETSD, National Centre of Environment Tourism and Sustainable Development, and also I am co-founder and part of the Students Forum of Environment and Agriculture

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Flavio Vata


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