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Fadilatul Laela Insan


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FORGIFT is greensociobusiness which initiative by youth.We have been developing herbarium-based product that prepared from dried and pressed plant/organic waste). Currently FORGIFT has three integrated-projects: 1) FOR-RATMA is stand for FORGIFT in ReseArch and Technology of Natural Material. The project focused on simple researches especially to find new preservation methods for organic waste or plants 2) FOR-BIONSI is (Forgift Bina Odapus Indonesia). This project is specifically for managing and empowering Odapus (people live with lupus (Erythrmatosus Systemic Lupus). Project was launched in June 2014 collaborated with Syamsi Dhuha Foundation. Activity of the BIONSI create herbarium-based product and teach to the Odapus community, so that they can develop creativity independently in their homes and can produce products have commercial value. There are over 5 million people with lupus in the world, 300,000 of them are in Indonesia, and about 90% of lupus patients are productive women between 15-45 years. One of major challenges of lupus patients in Indonesia, they have financial difficulties due to the relatively high cost of medication. This is because 1/5 or 60,000 people with lupus in Indonesia come from underprivileged society. (3) For-VEGA (FORGIFT Vertical Garden) Is project innovative caring for environment started from living home. This project gives more attention to the problems of green environment on land is narrow and limited, can provide benefits primarily as a barrier to the suns heat, reducing air and noise pollution, oxygen supply, has aesthetic value, etc. Plants such as vegetables can be consumed directly, while the unused parts of the plantS can be used as raw material for the herbarium. Reduce global warming is importance to suppress lupuss growth in the future. BIONSI and VEGA will be integrated as the concept for help ODAPUS

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