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I am a telecom engineer by training and community volunteer, growing up I always wanted to become a medical doctor, my mum who was a nurse will always let me pass by her work place after school, this closeness to the medical field made me admire the profession but that hope was squashed when at the age of 12 when I lost my mum to diabetes and life never remained the same knowing she was bread winner of the family. So as I went through my education I realized there was something which always made me felt better, that was technology so by age 23 during post high school studies I realized diabetes did not only kill my mother but thousands are dying of a disease which has no cure, yes but with education a patient can live a normal healthy life so I started community volunteerism on diabetes which took me to many communities some in rural areas and it was there I realized the difficulties of access to healthcare in these communities which got me thinking and then I decided to do something by blending my love for health with my skills in technology to start building a teleconsultation platform to increase access to healthcare in these rural areas and also increase better healthcare delivery as a whole.

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Che Francis Ndikum