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Francis Maduakor


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Imagine, having groundnuts and chilled natural orange or pineapple juice, with good soft music playing, what a feeling? The nutritious value and economic importance of nuts such as groundnut, cashew nuts, etc and natural fruits can never be overemphasized, and neither can their rich tastes be ignored. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC has objectives and plans of taking fruits and nuts to the next level in the society and these objectives and plans of increasing the production, consumption, and durability of fruits and nuts and more also elevate individual place of importance on fruits and nuts are: 1. Provision of a high-rated cafe or spot where `natural` fruits, `natural` fruits juice and prepared varieties of nuts; groundnuts, cashew nuts and so on, are served. And this is the first of its kind. 2. Embark on agricultural and nutritional education of the society, focused on the students, farmers and the general public on majorly fruits and nuts, and their production. 3. Boost fruits and nuts production by provision of fertilizers, pesticides, weather news and forecasts, seminars and workshop to rural farmers who are the major producers of fruits and also by working with government agency. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC would create and provide a spot or café where people would enjoy the other side of fruits and nuts. It would provide a place of relaxation which would be enhanced with provision of news, information and tips through making available national dailies, newspapers, magazines and charts. This aims at not only providing news but also elevating the reading culture of our customers indirectly. FRUIT AND NUT REPUBLIC is poised in being involved in nutritional education, informing the society of how this natural food can sustain their health and also assist subsistence rural farmers.

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