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Health sector

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People with greatest ideas so that we could come up with something more….something the world could look up to in the coming future….

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I’m Fred Mushila
21 year old
Currently a student at the university of Nairobi
I’m a pharmacy student
Am on Facebook, Twitter and instagram…by the name freezymush
Am creative, love doing lots of research,love finding solutions and sees opportunities in everything that’s not been exploited
All this I’m doing to make the world a better place for every one…
My dream is to leave something that will be of great importance in pushing the human race forward, I’m going to put all my efforts in ensuring I achieve my goals one day if not today
My favourite quote:by Steve Jobs ;you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you have to look backwards and hope that they’ll somehow connect in the future…
Steve might not have specialised in the health sector but his determination and his speeches really inspired me to give something back to the world even if I might not be there forever I’d be proud to be part of the history of the world

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