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Legal Practice, Research and Advocacy for Youth Economic Empowerment and Political Inclusion.

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Partnership and Funding to galvanize the young people of Nigeria into the mainstream of Sustainable Development Goals by helping to provide entrepreneurial and other skills for them, thereby defusing the tension immanent in the present-day Nigerian society occasioned by humongous unemployment, debilitating hunger and poverty as well as brazen economic and political exclusion.

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My name is Frederick E. Omenga, a legal practitioner and a youth activist; a member of the Young Lawyers’ Forum, Nigerian Bar Association. I am deeply committed to building democracy in Nigeria and Africa, and most importantly, Youth Participation in Governance.

It is for the foregoing reason that I have initiated the Youth for Sustainable Development (an NGO) for four cardinal purposes which include: Youth Advocacy, Youth Participation in Governance, Economic Empowerment for the Youth, and lastly, Networking. Using this platform, we have been engaged in vigorous advocacy for youth participation in governance and most of all, for economic empowerment for the youth in Nigeria and Africa, the absence of which we believe are the major causes of violence, crimes and criminalities among the youth of Africa.

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Frederick Omenga