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Information Technology; Programming; Data science; Big data; Data Science Tools; Information security; GDPR; LGPD; Law student; Entrepreneurship; Beginners; Fraternity; Agenda2030; Hackathons

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I need more visibility to connect with the right partners and form a team of champions. If I win the Best Ideas 2019 it might be easier.

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My name is Frederico Stéfano Rocha, I’m 33 years old, I’m divorced and I currently live in Brazil. The idea of ​​developing a virtual platform focused on creating and promoting social initiatives was motivated by participating in this contest and I am very happy for it! My history has:

UberHack2019 (1st Place):
Mobility hackathon winner with a social application. People with reduced mobility move more easily using the app developed in this Hackathon, which considers holes, hills and stairs along the way. Users can collaborate with comments so that the algorithm neglects intrafageable routes.

Educational Blog:
JusBlog.Com has a cognitive structure with specific tools so that the visitor can easily study any topic. When reading an article, for example, you can summarize it in real time and, at the end of the article, resolve specific questions about the topic. Suitable for the visually impaired, it offers uppercase and reading mode options. It is currently designed for law students, but all the technology used can easily be adapted to another area of ​​knowledge because it uses scalable and repeatable technology.

Published articles:
Interdisciplinary Congress of Research, Scientific Initiation and Extension of the Izabela Hendrix Methodist University Center – ISSN 2448-4229: III Interdisciplinary Congress of Research, Scientific Initiation and Extension of the Izabela Hendrix University Center, Annals 2018: Civil Law and Common Law: The Relationship Between These Systems in the Brazilian legal system – Frederico Stéfano Rocha; Raphael Swerts (p.489-497) – PDF.
Available at: http://izabelahendrix.edu.br/p Search / anais / Pais.Anais201821.p.489p.497.pdf.
Full version at: http://izabelahendrix.edu.br/arquivos-2018/anais-congresso2018c.pdf.

IV Interdisciplinary Research Congress, Scientific Initiation and University Center for Methodological Extension Izabela Hendrix, Anais 2019: Appropriate Methods of Conflict Resolution as Solutions to Judicial Delay – Frederico Stéfano Rocha; Rayane Tomáz Bicalho (accepted, presented and in process of official publication) – PDF.
Available at: (coming soon).
Full version at: (coming soon).

Supporter of the Rare Disease Support Association (AADORA). Developing websites and applications to better perform the services provided by the association. Learn more at: https://www.instagram.com/aadora_apoioasdoencasraras/

I have a degree in Information Technology Management from the University Center of Belo Horizonte (UNI-BH) since 2012; Lifelong Learner Programmer; Graduated in Law from the UNA University Center of Belo Horizonte (5 Period, in progress); Doing Data Science and Big Data at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-MG, in progress); Specializing in: Information Security from Estácio de Sá University (in progress) and Data Science Tools from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) “The Data Scientist’s Toolbox” (in progress); Blog, Entrepreneurship, Startup and Hackathons enthusiast.

To contact us send an email to: [email protected] = D Thank you!

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Frederico Stefano Rocha


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