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internet marketing, online publishing, drawing

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I’m an online publisher working full-time on the Internet. Always on the lookout for opportunities, I educate myself in entrepreneurship and professional qualifications to stay globally competitive. My accolades include having won a World Summit Youth Award & a Next Generation Leaders award from Internet Society. Overall, I seek to not only represent and introduce the third world school of thought in the conversations of global development, but also provide the knowledge and enlightenment crucial to making informed decisions in changing lifestyle, social, cultural, economic and political perspectives, in order to solve the world’s problems. Being permitted to participate in events like the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an honor for me, as it gives more credence to my work and enables me to meet fellow experts as well as learn about what many awesome social projects are out there in the global realm of social enterprise. In the future, I sincerely hope to collaborate with other entrepreneurs for mutual progression.

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Dotun Adewunmi