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I see myself as the traveling teacher who wings it. I always find myself trying to climb high mountains. From the Philippines, I always wanted to travel to see what else is out there. Travelled as a baby sister/tutor in New Jersey, English teacher in Barcelona, and a postgraduate student in Capetown.
After my experience in South Africa, I realized the need to be back in the Philippines to start something that will grow into an educational movement in the future. Philippines’ system of education is greatly influenced by post world war 11 American Education. Modern times clash with the current system of education, hampering critical thinking and community development in many Filipino provinces. Another hindrance the Philippine education system faces is corruption. Every year the Department of Education (DEPED) deprives millions of learners from actual learning by pocketing budgets set aside to improve the education system.
Hence, the beginning of my project; Friendly Waters.
The idea of having an education institution that is up to date with modern/western education, not just for the elite, with a strong foundation of environmental awareness came to play. I have been working on the idea since 2011, and in the course of time I have worked with over 500 learners in the province of Bohol. I have been working on different projects such as recycled art exhibits, youth livelihood programs, reading programs, and early childhood programs, anything and everything to do with the environment, community, and education.

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Bettina Atwill