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Fanta Sylla


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Communication- Journalism- Digital Marketing

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helping women around the world

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My name is Fanta Sylla. I was born in Brussels and I studied Communication- Journalism & Digital Marketing. As many black people in Belgium, I didn’t find a job because of the color of my skin, because of my name or may be just because that I am a girl. Women’s rights still need to be improve even in developed countries. I didn’t find a job but actually I found something more interesting through ONE as a volunteer. ONE is a non-governmental organization which fights against extreme poverty and preventable diseases in Africa. We also run campaigns for gender equality and girl’s education. Help people and take time for them is something that I always dreamed about and having this opportunity is magical because I feel that I am really useful. My parents come from Guinea so I know how women are threated in this country. Everyday, women and girl’s need to fight for their freedom, they fight to go at school, they fight because they want to work, they fight to be respected. Because they rights are violated and because I know what it is to be a victim of injustice, I want to stand up for them and help them to find their way to be independent.