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I am Gabriel Angok, the Executive Director of African Backing for Life Enhancement-ABLE.

African Backing for Life Enhancement (ABLE) is a national, nongovernmental and nonprofit organization established on 5th May 2018 with the specific role of providing humanitarian and developmental services through health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, food security and livelihoods, poverty alleviation, protection, peace building, environmental and wildlife conservation.
ABLE works to build local capacities and support sustainable development projects in the most vulnerable communities to reduce poverty, enhance social cohesion and preserve human dignity. Since its inception, ABLE has been implementing both lifesaving and developmental programs including Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH, Education, NFI/ES and Peace building programs in Jonglei and Upper Nile states respectively.

Mission is “To improve life of ordinary people through provision of healthcare, quality education, clean water, safe environment, and other humanitarian assistance in South Sudan and beyond”.
Vision “Improved lives and transformed communities”

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Gabriel Angok