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When I was younger, I was questioned about how we could make the world better, and I’ve got the answer that it depends only on ourselves. So, I grew up with an nonconformist spirit, questioning and fighting for everything I believe to be fair. I’m a Scout, did volunteer work at school, participated of the students’ guild in a federal school with students from over 20 different cities, graduated as eletrical technician, worked with state eletrical projects and food industry. Nowadays, I study production engineering. I’m also a travel monitor, a Google local guide and idealizer and founder of Levithai.
During high school I was a class leader. In the raes of the school, instead of selling only 10 tickets, wich was the minimun, I used to put a lot of eort and was able to sell 300, all because I knew that it was for an important reason. – In high school I was a member of the students’ guild in technical federal school with over 200 students from over 20 dierent cities and 8 technical courses. I worked organizing students’ events and dialoguing with the school’s principal. I was chosen to be my class’ orator during my graduation ceremony. – I took part in the Scouts – I’m a member of the Astronomical Society of Rio Grande do Sul. – I’m a Google local guide level 7 and active. – I’m a travel monitor in the company Forma Turismo, the biggest travel operator in Brazil. During the trips, many times the monitor must have the posture of a leader because He must be heard and respected. Due to this, I took several communication, behavior and interpersonal relationship courses. Besisdes that, many friends come to me telling me that they have me as na example of determination for facing entrepeneurship so Young and yet seeking to innovate with projects in several areas willing to contribute to the planet’s welfare. I’ve always been communicative and because of that I met people from several areas and segments. We got fourth place in the Roser’s Award of Entrepeneurship and Innovation – 2018, we were in a local newspaper, we were mentioned in the radio program with the largest audience rate of the South region of Brazil and we were theme of students’ projects and papers in college.

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