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Millions of opportunities are accessible to youths of Africa and of Cameroon in particular. Unfortunately, either by choice or fate, many of these youths are not aware of these opportunities. Their entire academic and/or professional paths could be changed by these opportunities, yet they miss out because they are not aware or they do not have a forum where they will be encouraged to pursue these opportunities. The main objective of this idea is to inspire interest and raise awareness of various study, travel, fellowship, scholarship, internship, volunteer ships, jobs, business, competition, etc opportunities. As concerns our main activities, firstly, we will have a website where we will list all the current opportunities available. This website will be in English and French so that other African English/ French speaking countries. Subscribers will receive frequent updates to their emails. This is very innovative in Cameroon and the CEMAC region. There are websites with job opportunities but our website will include the very many and important other academic, professional, travel opportunities available to youths in Cameroon, CEMAC and the African continent. Besides, this one will be bilingual. We also plan to have a fortnightly print which will list upcoming deadlines, while simultaneously, sending out text messages to inspire interest and as a reminder of upcoming opportunities. There will be an assistance centre with counsellors who will guide youths on how to go about applications for various opportunities, how to compose their essays, documents, motivation letters, etc. Since these centres will specifically serve a certain geographical region, SMS updates will be sent from these centres, and will take into consideration the language of the place. Later on, SMS reminders will be managed online, users will have the opportunity to enter their location, phone number, language and will receive SMS reminders.

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