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Gamal Albinsaid, a 30-year-old, a young doctor, researcher, technopreneur, and sociopreneur from Indonesia. Gamal is founder and CEO of Indonesia Medika, is an organization engaging in the field of health developer with collaborative frameworks between scientific fields and applicable field based on healthpreneur of innovative health products.
His organization has developed some innovative products, such as Garbage Clinical Insurance, Portable Baby’s Enhancer (portable audio belt for pregnant woman to enhance brain’s fetus development with music therapy), The Mother Happiness Center (modern mental health facilities to help mothers enjoy pregnancy), Telemedicine (hotline-based health services to provide counseling by telephone), Mobile Hospital (hospital that can be easily disassembled, transported, and re-opened in 24-hours), and Hospital Information System Data Optimization (database processing with automatic variable analysis),etc.
Gamal Albinsaid, initiated Garbage Clinical Insurance, micro health insurance program which uses garbage as financial resources. In this scheme, primary health insurance program is given to members of the clinic, who are obliged to pay the premium with garbage, both organic and non-organic, to be directly processed and sold. The funds that are collected put towards healthcare in a holistic manner, i.e. the patient’s treatment (curative), Making health care quality improvement program (promotive), prevent illness (preventive), and rehabilitative. Excellence of this program, 1),Socioenterpreneur, 2),environmental improvement and change the habitual of community to garbage management. 3),applying a holistic health care, 4),broad access, 5),financial independency. The program has been replicated in four others clinics in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
He has conducted a lot of scientific and social works. He has achieved 24 awards, such as Inspiring Scientific Award from Research and Technological Minister of Indonesia, AusAID Indonesian social Innovator Award, Ashoka Youngchangemaker, etc. He is also becomes South East Asia Regional Coordinator of ISECN, International Affairs of MITI, and active in various other organizations.

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Gamal Albinsaid