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Poverty Reduction and Education Admistration

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Funds to expand my value chains and climate resilient agriculture through poultry business

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Clinton Gando has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of education in education administration and management from the University of Zambia in Lusaka. While working as the poverty reduction Specialist with Management and technical teams for The World Bank Group in Zambia under the World Bank Group funded projects and program, he helped improve the livelihoods of rural dwellers living with poverty issues in western province Zambia. Currently, Clinton is working with a community-based organization to advanvery volcational education and promote entrepreneurship and business development through women and youth empowerment programs. Clinton has volunteered as a peer business educator on poverty reduction related topics for several groups, including World Food Programme, World Bank Group and the Excellence Center for building skills for poverty reduction under the Future Community Foundation Local Non-government Organisation. Through these experiences, he developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. Clinton enjoys focusing on the topics of poverty reduction, inequality gaps between the rich and poor, unemployment rates, limited human capacities and market opportunities in the agriculture sector, and has a strong passion for women and youth empowerment programs both in pely urban and rural communities.

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Clinton Gando