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Check out my group´s webpage under http://abrendler.wix.com/gardenofchildren

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Lucas Brendler


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Excellent and affordable kindergarten-age education for every child in this world

The "Garden of Children" wants to make this world a better place. To achieve this vision, we believe that the entire potential of mankind must be unleashed.To accomplish this, we have to go to the roots of the human´s main development phase. Every child in the world deserves an excellent kindergarten education. Every child posseses so much potential which sadly is often never realised even when they grow up. During this time, the human being recognizes its independency. In this period, the basic character and potential of the children are set for his/her entire lifetime. It is extremely crucial that the child can unleash its full potential and establish an high self-esteem. A curriculum best suited for these children is one focused on the development of logical, creative, language and social skills (including respect towards each other despite of one´s sexual orientation, gender, believes or ethnicy). Parallel to this a child´s self esteem should be developed to secure the development towards a self-confident and social human unleashing his/her full potential. At the same time, our kindergartens should allow parents to pursue their careers without compromising on their kid´s education. Our basic pricing will be as expensive as in a public kindergarten whilst organizing national grants to allow poor families to send their children to our kindergarten. Our goal is to unleash humanities´ entire potential in order to tackle its most demanding challenges e.g. climate change or the problematic of Earth´s finite resources. To achieve our vision, we will start where it all begins: At the most important development period of the human being. Summary: granting all children access to excellent and affordable kindergarten education, enabling their parents to pursue their careers without compromising on their children, unleashing the entire potential of humanity to tackle its most demanding challenges

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