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Gareth Ctophs


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IT student and web designer o

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connections to widen market for my products and income to buy some raw materials am missing

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my name is Gareth Benjamins am 16 years old a student in uganda living in kampala.
my entrepreneurship started in my form 1 where the junior achievers associaion helped acknowledge my project and competed only to win here in uganda and my friends and i went abroad to ghana to compete with other schools from around africa in 2018 where we were the fifth.this did not weigh me down because we had lost it inspired me and saved up money and began a new project this year in 2020 in january where i made spices sold them and earned income to widen my idea and then started making body oils and i am planning to also start food oils since my mom owns a chocolate company its easy to get the packaging materials but the money i also earn on my own once in two weeks i use to buy materials for the homeless that`s why i want my business to grow i also earn some income from the website i created with my brother called flash uganda

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