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Felix Appiah Nyarko


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Website development and App creation

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Mentors and introduction to market, funds and machinery

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Felix Appiah has over 3years experience in the website development and programming field. Currently he is the head of development team for Trisolace Group’s Techsolutions side, he is also the project manager for Trisolace Snailpockets where they are using traditional ways to give Ghanaian and investment they see and grow by themselves in very short periods of time. Felix is a civil engineer but after school taught himself how to program and code websites with that knowledge, He currently employs himself and 16 other graduates. He is passionate about livelihood empowerment and was sad when Ghana was hit by successions of investment fraud, so he and his team came up with a solution, to give Ghanaians an investment they can see and grow in the form of a starter kit of snails in an environmentally friendly box, which People raised and got money every half yearly. He loves reading and watching documentaries of animals and places. He wants to take his farming to the next level by having a snail slime extractor in Ghana which he will use to get and sell snail slime as a company. When slime is extracted snails do not die .
Like every other leader Felix does not see himself as superior to his employees but rather work in harmony with them to ensure an amicable environment where productivity thrives . Also like any other leader, he has his flaws which he clearly admits .