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I have extensive experience with the Python programming language and know how to use TensorFlow, a platform that allows the creation of neural networks in Python.

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My name is Gaurav Mahindru and I am a 2nd year university student in California. Since senior year of high school, I have become particularly interested in how is it that machines are capable of perceiving the world. Human-beings have had a long period of evolution to shape their senses to be accurate enough to perceive and act in the world. However, robots and artificial intelligence have not been able to have this extensive period of evolution in order to determine which phenomena is worth paying attention to and which phenomena isn’t. Because of this interest, I started to look into neural networks and how it is possible to train machines to observe objects at the same resolutions that human beings are able to. By figuring this out, it is possible to create fully autonomous machines that are capable of carrying out live-saving actions such as putting forest fires out or delivering supplies to health care workers during the pandemic.

I have written numerous academic papers that are currently under review by the Journal of Intelligence, Oxford Philosophical Quarterly, Cambridge, and the British Journal of Aesthetics.

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Gaurav Mahindru