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GDH 559 Co., Ltd., usually known as GDH, is a film studio subsidiary to the Thai entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy. It was founded on 5 January 2016 as a successor to GMM Tai Hub (GTH)—Thailand’s most successful film studio of the prior 11 years—which had been dissolved in December 2015 due to internal conflicts between the company’s three major shareholders—GMM Grammy, Tai Entertainment and Hub Ho Hin. With the departure of GTH’s former president Visute Poolvoralaks, GMM Grammy and Hub Ho Hin rejoined to create GDH 559, which inherited almost all of GTH’s creative personnel and resources. The name is said to stand for “Gross Domestic Happiness”, and the numbers in the company name refer to the date and year of the company’s foundation

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Gross Domestic Happiness