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Gerardo Gama


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New challenges and opportunities to develop my projects; collaborations, new ideas and ways to make things happen. For sake of the people and my own.

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Mexico is one of the many countries in the developing world who´s government is not able to comply with basic necessities, such as public health, education, hunger, sustainability, among others. Several small nonprofit organizations in the communities are practically ignored. This lack of attention makes their task more titanic than it really is. If the NGOs are invisible, so are their donations. www.ihelp.org is a website that gives recognition to donors of nonprofit organizations through a special distinction. People love to brag about helping others, so they will publicize the organizations they helped at every chance. The webpage contains information about the work that registered NGOs are doing. You can choose an organization to help by giving a donation, automatically getting a phone strap through mail. With the name of the organization printed on the strap, the donor will be able to talk about it and their work, preaching with their colleagues, family, and crowd on the bus. Instantly, the party they are bragging at will want to feel a better person as well, and will check out www.ihelp.org ASAP. This is a proven to work scheme. Armstrong made it happen through yellow wristbands. Some try to revive it selling watches, yet the problem they have not foreseen is that not everyone actually likes to wear those watches, so they may get one only to help, but never really talk about it. Plus, Watches are expensive and delicate so require special handling. The strap is a relatively cheap item that can be shipped through mail on a regular envelope, it does not require any special handling, this item fits all kinds of phones, no sizes or wearing needed, plus people use their phones all the time, everywhere.

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