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"The Inflacio-meter of Venezuela"

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Giannina is the first Atlas Corps Fellow from Venezuela, serving in this organization as an Engagement and Communication Manager. She has more than four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Giannina earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, and a Master’s degree in Think Tank Management from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in United States. While working as Communication & Social Media Manager of the most influential free-market think tank in Latin America, The Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge for Freedom (CEDICE Freedom), Giannina helped to create and manage social media campaigns with high impact, and coordinated forums and round tables for the Public Spending Observatory, Economic Legislative Observatory, and the young core of CEDICE. In addition, Miss Raffo also serves as International Programs Director of CEDICE, where she coordinated the fundraising of international programs for women, children and youth. Previously, Giannina worked as Project Manager of the Economics Program for Children and Youth, developing the comic book “Justice League of Freedom”, educating free market ideas in low income areas of Venezuela, and also developed the Program “Women, Leadership and Communication”, creating training workshops for young women journalists. Giannina also has been writer and researcher with several media around the world, such as Panam Post, Peru 21, International Society for Individual Liberty, and the Venezuelan Council for Investment Promotion, on issues of freedom, entrepreneurship, human rights and Venezuelan economy.

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Giannina Raffo