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I am an electrical engineer, with 6 years experience in lithium-ion battery systems reusing and battery packs designs. Expert in word processing softwares and working on career guidance for youth ad managing STEM centres in Tanzania.

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I am looking for support in my project of reusing laptop batteries and producing solar lamps, power banks and battery packs for powering houses off-grid and electric bikes. It can be financial, networking or sharing my works to potential people interested in it.

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Gibson Kawago is an electronic and electrical enthusiast from Tanzania. He has been working on battery management systems, circuit designs and implementations since 2009.

For over 6 years he has been working in the STEM field inspiring children, youth and professionals in transforming theoretical to practical learning in Tanzania and over the past two years he worked in the establishment of the first science center in Tanzania-Tanga in collaboration with Tanga City Council, Botnar Fondation and ProjeKt Inspire. He is the founder of WAGA, a company transforming old laptop batteries into useful, reliable and affordable battery packs that can power houses, TV`s, lights etc., power banks and solar lights.

He was awarded in 2022 by UNDP as a young man championing SDG 7 Clean and Affordable energy through his project of reusing laptop batteries into useful battery products.

Being a visionary and focused young man, he believes that “You can’t chase what you can’t see…”

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