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Gigih Rezki Septianto


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CharityLights | Connecting Everyone For The Greater Good of The Planet

CharityLights is a tech-driven initiative aims to improve peoples life through the use of technology benefitting humanity. We embrace powerful approach called Charitification, which we believe it is a solid foundation to connect everyone for the greater good of the planet. We harnesses the power of the CharityLights API (Application Programming Interface) to work together with multi stakeholders including Government, Private Sectors, NGOs, Developers & other civil society to make charity to be part of everyones lifestyle by making it to be more engaging, easier, & exciting. CharityLights API has these following features those will enable developers to build or integrate their apps ranging from games to productivity apps to be an impactful charity apps: 1. Donation Processing Engine (Non-Profit & Donor Data) 2. Dashboard Analytics 3. Impact Reporting & Monitoring Our first application which built on top of the CharityLights API is called Phiruntrophy. It is now available in Google Play & Windows Phone Store. Phiruntrophy allows you to record your workout activities such as running, walking and cycling. For several distances you reached, you will be able to donate several amount of donation from CharityLightss Donors & Sponsors (Government & Private Sectors) to support the causes you concern. The money will be distributed to the targeted communities via CharityLights Non-Profit partners across the region. Beside develop APIs and its apps we also have other various programs to promote the use of technology benefitting humanity through our programs such as: CharityLights Marathon Event, this program aims to promote Phiruntrophy apps. Workshop When Tech Matter in some major cities in Indonesia, this workshop aims to promote the spirit of using technology for good. Hacks For Tomorrow, a developer competition to build apps using CharityLights API. CharityLights is currently registered as Indonesian based non-profit organization named Pelita Cakrawala Inspirasi Foundation.

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