Comment on: Chicken 4All Ltd
June 29, 2020 21:46

The chicken 4all concept is excellent one in the way that it responds to many UN sustainable development goals including the ambition to achieve zero hunger, no poverty ; access to Clean water /sanitation and nature protection ( life on land). The poultry will not only provide eggs and meat to people suffering of starvation in rural village of your country but also the chicken manure will be used as an organic fertilizer which is essential in improving soil productivity and crop production.
I appreciate your idea to protect the environment by planting trees around the poultry , which threes will not only absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions (and other organic gas like ammonium NH3 and odour from exhausted air) that are driving global heating but also will make your property and community more beautiful, improve water quality and provide numerous economic and social benefits.
Top innovative idea! Go ahead!!!