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Ginelle Bell


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Les Grandes Épices

Les Grandes Épices is a cozy boutique eco-resort which combines nature and luxury into a simple package that is the epitome of a dream getaway. It is a haven of pampering with top-notch authentic services and accommodation facilities. The idea behind establishing this type of eco-resort is to capitalize on the vast resources (human talents, skills, food produce, sights and scenery, and landscape) on the island of Grenada and to create visitor experiences that are untainted, pure and truly embodies the essence of a nature isle experience. Guests will engage in home-based activities which adds value their vacations, for example: gardening, fishing, 'crab-torching', bond-fire dinners and local cooking lessons. The aim is to employ 100% local staff, each contributing specific skills that they are willing to share with the people the resort caters to. In the end, there is opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange in a controlled, friendly environment.

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