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I am a student at the university of Johannesburg, studying towards chartered accountancy. I am part of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation where I enchanced my entrepreneurial skills. My skills are presentations, communication and writing.

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Ways I can improve my community and the society in large as well as how I can develop my skills and knowledge in different ways. Funding, research reports and Expert advice.

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I was in klerksdorp technical high school where I served in numerous leadership positions and won several awards including public speaking and being a top academic achiever.

I then became part of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation in 2017, an entrepreneurial program also a scholarship i was awarded. It is from this foundation that i gained pitching skills, tools for ideation and for being an entrepreneur.

I also serve in the community engagement at the university of Johannesburg and also a first year mentor. I am also a tutor for high school student. These are all what I am using to practice time management and as well as being a leader of my own life and being persistent.

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