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I am Teh Francis, founder and director of Goodness and Mercy Missions, Cameroon. Goodness and Mercy Missions is a non profit making organization I started in 2007 to help the rural poor and help the underprivileged with tools and means for a sustainable livelihood. It has as a flagship, The EnKindle Cameroon program which provides hands on business training to rural people which discovers and ignites their passions. I started the organization because I hale from a poor background. My father had many wives and several children but with only a small coffee farm as source of income. This had a bad toll on my education. It was only later in life that I caught up with formal education. My mother would have helped but women depended on men for any major financial decisions. I started thinking of growing up and doing something for the betterment of rural women and underprivileged children. This desire gave birth to Goodness and Mercy Missions. The organization has empowered more than 2000 rural women, sponsored the education of hundreds of underprivileged children, created a community library and a computer training centre. It was winner of the 2011 World Bank Development Market Place Award in Cameroon, and in 2016 I was granted the kanthari scholarship and was trained as a social change maker in India.

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Teh Francis