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I am currently 26 years old. I am a graduate of the University of Benin in Nigeria with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science & Public Administration (Education). I am motivated by the very essence to be a point of solution to varying challenges facing humanity in politics, government, leadership, business and personal effectiveness. As part of my unique qualities which has contributed to my success in Life is the ability to critically analyse events and speak with great fluency as well as mobilize and network with people seamlessly to achieve results. I have recieved amongst many awards so far the TYDF/AGDC Most Outstanding Leader Award Male Category, AGDC most Valuable Addition to the organization, Outstanding Performing Intern – Olakunle Soriyan Company.

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Employability & Enterprise Solutions on Radio (ESOR)

The main objective is to use Radio in the dissemination of employability and enterprise modules to youths who are in the process of transiting from school-to-work as well as go into entrepreneurship. The activities include a live training radio session on employability skills, a live-call-in session where young people ask questions on the job market and guide on how to start a business venture, a social media platform where further questions are discussed and answers provided as well as job opportunities made available for job seekers and information on business support grants made available for budding entrepreneurs. A mobile application will be developed for the programme which will enable subscribers and listeners have access to job alerts, business support tips, seed funding opportunities and personal development ideas.

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