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Mark Boahndao


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Youths Mental Empowerment and Christian Finance For Africa

Mental Empowermemnt has to do with the way in which Youths are sensitized, they are encourage about they can do better in life just by believing in themselves.Youths now-a-days especially in my country where I come from to be spcific-Liberia. Energetic youths are not brief about their lifestyle and the way they should be in the Future. They just go on living any kind of way they think they should live. As long as there is life, the must do anything to survive. These kinds of individuals should have these things listed below: 1. Thorough Workshop about sensitization in career planning. 2. Physical projects that they should carry on by themselves.Like, Projects that should monitor by their master or care taker just to see how they are coming on with their lives. 3. Critical evaluation on the following things that they have done so far Christian Finance For Africa that will be coming has to do with helping striving Churches and empowering members of local and International Churches Just for the Word of God to Continue. When the system is properly setup that which will soon start by the help of my motivator-Rev. Arthur L. Gliklay,Local churhes will start to come to get loans in other to enable their Institution or their will be Institution carry on smooth operation. That is erecting their mininstries with just little interest. This Interest is also going to be Used to pay staffs and help the needly.

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