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My work experiences were attained from 3 phases in my career: I worked for the Philippine diplomatic service for a long time that culminated in my assignment as part of the pioneer group that set up the first Mission of the Philippines to the World Trade Organization. A turn of events in my personal life ushered the 2nd phase of my career that required that I transition to the private sector. Armed with an MBA, I was able to deliver in a new sector and a new role as Marketing Manager of an International School. I now would like to concentrate on what I consider the third phase of my career which started pretty much after my MBA. I wanted to dedicate my knowledge and my efforts to the problem of how do we produce food without sacrificing the environment–a question of sustainability! This problem is more acute in developing economies. Permaculture, agroecology, insect farming, organic farming–are only some of the already massive available knowledge out there that aims for sustainability. Everybody knows that education is key! To teach others, I have first to learn and so I have set up a pilot farm in the Philippines. My entrepreneurial journey and sustainable farming experimentation continues!