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Goodluck Ewere Raphael is a jn Agricultural student and a social entrepreneur with over 2 years experience with the vision of creating a New Nigeria beyond oil producing you he who are great leaders and thinkers.
He is the Director of Marketing for Junior Chambers International, Uniben where he participated in the JCI Uniben Clean Up Project to mark the JCI World Cleanup Day and the Think Leprosy Campaign organized by JCI Nigeria.
He is a volunteer at Youth Alive Network Initiative (YANI) where he has helped organize conferences to create awareness about the negative impact of teen marriage and abuse in the girl child and why it should be prevented.
He is a currently a returning member of Senate, Student Union Government where he has fought for the students against cruel decisions made by the school government notably among them the recent unjust hike in school fees and hostel accommodation fees.
He is a 2018 Commonwealth Open Source Leader, a YALI Edo State member and a UNIDO/HP certified Entrepreneur.

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Goodluck Raphael