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Goodluck Tesha

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More exposed to human-centered design thinking for civic leadership and social innovation.

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Grants to put my idea into further progress of developing an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and an automated cloud-based mobile application that allows low-income entrepreneurs to consistently save a portion of their daily income to reach a desired goal and target.

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I am a certified YALI Network member residing in Arusha, Tanzania. I successfuly pursued highly effective courses on matters concerning creative design thinking process based in sustainable human-centered design, research and social innovation. I have been involved and volunteered in managing reputable and respective financial management activities focusing on youth and women awareness about potential outcomes of saving and investing as a stepping stone towards impactful social entrepreneurship. Aiming to create a better future for low and medium income enterpreneurs in Tanzania, I have been committed to disrupting traditional savings in banking systems through Dundiza, a cloud-based automated software application that allows Tanzanian youths and women entrepreneurs to use their mobile phones to save a certain amount of their daily income in a fixed account for free, within a specific period of time to successfully reach their investment goals. Working with a team of visionary leaders, I am the Marketing Coordinator and passionate about utilizing the best customer relation approach to engage potential markets in this convenient fixed saving platform that open opportunities for equal financial management inclusion to all social classes.

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