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entrepreneurship, creativity, arts, agriculture, leadership

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potential business partners looking for a great investment with good learning skills and effective leadership

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My name is Gabrielle but you can call me Gabe. I am nineteen years old and was born and raised in the Philippines.

I have started a business that is aimed in the distribution of organic food supplements, organic personal care products, and organic beverages (http://www.allianceinmotion.com/Philippines/products.html). If you would like to know how to get involved or know someone that would be interested please do contact me through my Facebook or Twitter. The links are above. You can also contact me through here.

I’m a firm believer that we must go back to our roots of consuming and using the great produce of nature without the spoilage of harmful chemical substances. Not only will we save the environment but ourselves, as well.

Each and everyone of us has an innate power to change not just our lives for better circumstances but far greater – the people around us. I am determined in making an impact in this world and I truly revere the people who think the same.

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Gabrielle Quirino