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Gracious Samuel


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I'm an entrepreneur,I'm good at advertising, i own an online store for selling wigs and hairs, i also have a certificate in makeup artistry and special effects

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I was born on 12th of December 1998. I am currently an undergraduate, aspiring to gain admission into the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, to study Psychology. This business idea came up when I was 15 years old, my sister called me I one day and asked what I wanted to do to for myself and the economy, so I thought about it and decided a tent like event center and just not any type but classy. I arrived at this because I noticed how the people here love a huge and classy party not minding how much they spend on it, I also thought about how less stressful it would be for wealthy clients who wouldn’t want to stress themselves, so I improve my idea by adding a makeup studio, a photography studio, catering services, an event planner, a garden(for clients interested in an outdoor event), a party supply mall and a pool(for clients interested in a pool party). I also thought about how it would sustain the country, this brought about generating revenue and decent work for unemployed youths seeing that many hands will be needed for it.
My hobbies are singing, dancing, reading novels, and I love adventurous trips. I have a certificate for makeup artistry and special effects, I’m also good at advertising, I own an online store for selling human hair and wigs. I’m a fast learner and I love learning new things whenever I have the opportunity to

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