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Over time I have cultivated leadership skills and business management. I proud myself with the ability to develop sustainable solutions to problems.

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I am a 25 year old Nigerian who holds a degree in physics. Due to driving forces from in my local community I picked up entrepreneural trait right from time.

Mostly influenced by people with ideas which solves real societal problems and positively impacts on people’s lives. The urge to make a real difference let me to starting a an Agro allied business.

One reason I particularly enjoy this business and the challenges that go with it is the opportunity to help create a sustainable solution to real life problems. I have achieved significant impact in my community as in creating part time jobs for people aid food production and creating awareness on the advantages of modern methods of farming.

My real strength lays in my kin interest to use entrepreneural skills to conquer pressing problems in the society.

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Kore Rufai Othman