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I am a Multi-skilled worker with 8 years experience in variety sectors and currently in Eco-Friends as an environmental consultant and part time as a blogger and consultant on Green Plus Kenya. As a consultant i have worked in various aspects of Environmental management, program & project management and Coordination. I have engaged in hands-on environmental projects in various areas of environmental conversations, field project management, alternative energy projects, research, environmental health, resource mobilization & partnerships, corporate relations, education, monitoring and evaluation, training and capacity building. i am also a part time technical skill trainer at Naivasha Vocational Training Center (NAVOTRAC) where i train in practical courses like computer skill, fish farming, poultry farming, urban agriculture innovations, waste management among many others. I am also an active member and youth leader at NAVOTRAC youth group where am a chairman and a Secretary at Dusttown youth group. My education qualification includes a Bachelors degree in Environmental Management from Makerere University (Uganda) and an ongoing Master degree in Environmental Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi.

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Jonathan Njoroge


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Green Cross program is a part of a small youth environmental enterprise company call Green plus Kenya. Green Cross was established to strategically bring together both private and public sector companies to support and invest in environmental issues with the help of the community or the General Public (youths, student, women groups, and kids among other community groups) through remunerated or volunteer participation. It objectives are To provide a platform for public and private sector investment or support in environmental related activities To link organisations and individual groups with environmental action To formulate environmental projects and programs activities that organisation can participate in as their corporate social & environment responsibility The Green cross will offers two main packages. Private and Public Sector CSER Package Green cross targets both the private and the public sectors through developing environmental support and investment projects to be integrated in the companies Corporate Social & Environment Responsibilities (CSER). Currently, both the Private and public sector have set apart a CSR department to conduct various social or environmental related activities in the communities they serve or customers of their product and services. Community Package (General Public) Green Cross also puts together a package for different community groups and individual to engage in an environmental support and management activities. In this package individual or group from a given community are given an opportunity participate in an environmental action on voluntary or remunerated basis

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