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With its two programs, Green Sail works to prevent the creation of sea waste by providing educational and information activities and materials.

The Green Sail Charter program promotes the importance of reducing plastic products and recycling for charter companies and their guests, both on sailing boats and within marinas. To date, this program includes over 40 charter companies with more than 1,100 sailing boats. For its charter partners, the initiative provides education, all the necessary materials (flags, brochures and stickers for sailboats) before their first departure, as well as support in individual and joint projects.

The Green Sail Marina program advises partner marinas on appropriate waste management practices, with an emphasis on efficient waste separation. So far, the program has included ACI marinas, as well as several private marinas, and we are especially proud to have partnered with Porto Montenegro as our most distant partner. For its partner marinas, the initiative provides education, promotional and informative materials, a marine guide, regular check-ups and advice, whenever needed.

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