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I am doing my bachelor degree in education art, will be graduating this year.

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My name’s are JONATHAN GREGORY MOLLEL, 23 years old. Tanzanian by citizenship, 2019 September I will be graduating after doing my bachelor degree in education art at MWENGE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY located at Moshi, • people around have been complaining its so hot, they even carry bottles with water, so I came up with this idea of selling juice, and decided to do my research practically with one old blender, putting the juice in 5 litters bottles, I started selling to the teachers in Darajani secondary school at marangu, also to the students at marangu teachers college. When I came at moshi region I started distributing the juice in 5 litters bottles in hotels and selling to boda boda drivers, I sold in Kili marathon races, which had huge positive impacts, my research turned true that this product is needed. I thought of private and goverment offices in moshi, universities around, colleges, gyms and tourists. stages of boda boda, bajaji and passengers vehicles naming this ( cross region) , giving them a place they can read, do their meetings, different events, unique cool environment. it has always been my passion being my own boss. My business idea is all about starting a venture on juice bar, uniquely calling it “KILIMANJARO JUICE BAR”. Kilimanjaro region is a region with many school, colleges and universities. So I intend to locate the bar in Kibo arcade where it will serve people working in private and government campanies near the juice Bar. Also in schools. colleges and universities around as Tanzania juice consumption has shown steady growth among youths, teenagers and middle age group. And Kilimanjaro region being one of the regions with hot temperature has high juice demand. To attract more customers we will be selling first food :- Biryani, chips chicken, meat, or fish, pizza and burger as well as sandwiches Which will be sold in our store and will be delivered to our customers who need our product and services. Like offices, gyms, schools etc.I have skills and experience in food selling in a hotel and in events with my mother who is a chef for more than ten years. My past skills and experience in selling juice is the past 3 months when I started selling juice locally to school offices, to bodaboda, local people, in Kili marathon races. Also I have been selling maize flour to different shops near Mwenge shops to individuals. Tanzania juice and fast food consumption has shown steady growth among youths, teenagers and middle age group, in areas with hot temperature like Kilimanjaro region and Dar es salaam are among the most demanding ones. Also apart from selling the best product people want a place with relaxing atmosphere, friendly customes services, convenient location a place where customers can relieve their stress through great atmosphere.