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Gregory Rakobe is a mentor and coach on agribusiness and likes to network with other talented entreprenuers to share opportunities.

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Collaborations, partnerships and investors to make Farm business Academy to work

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Gregory Thato Rakobe has an award in Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resource and recently completed his Master of Science Degree in Animal Management Systems. He has been award certifications on Entrepreneurship Development from Local Enterprise Authority, Supervisory Skills and Management Development from Institute of Development Management, Climate change Social Entrepreneur from Climate Exploration Hub, Property Marketing from BA ISAGO University and Executive Education for Go-to-Market from Stanford School University School of Graduate Business. Gregory has worked for Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources for 2years on National Internship Program as a Research assistant and instructor, after which he volunteered to work for one year at Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources as a Hostel Warden. During his spare time Gregory visit farmers as a consultant and currently he is building his New Company called Plenteous. Gregory has been invited by Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of to attend 29th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth 7th-20th August 2019 in Herrsching, Germany where he will participate on his new business venture which seeks to open a Farm Business Academy for Senior Citizens and Youth to learn Sustainable and Profitable practical knowledge and Skills.

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Gregory Thato Rakobe