Comment on: Farm business academy
June 5, 2019 05:12

We now upgrading our Farm business academy we have learned a lot through votes and comments campaign will soon update the content to show how we have now some innovative new programs combination of food production business education and other co-curriculum activities to make the farm business academy more fun and Exiciting place for people to stay. I'm so glad that this platform has open minded great innovative Gentleman and Ladies keep on working hard to get votes this exercise is not all about winning the competition it also brings out the best of you to reach your potential. Let's unleash our potential.

May 29, 2019 05:50

Wow I love how you explained it on the video that's great my dear wow. Great idea indeed environmentally friendly, in rural areas this can also be great for the left out community. I really love this.

May 29, 2019 05:43

Thanks my dear for voting for Farm business Academy. I went through ur idea its a great idea my friend ur passion is really felt this is awesome we to support young women the girl child in all African Countries. You also incorporate agriculture as an activity to also have them to be more engaged.