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I am expert junior in agriculture, human resources management, organization management, community communication, project development with socio and / or economic impact, personal coaching and training on Sexual and Reproductive Health.

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I need funding to finalize my project. Equipment= 6593.83 USD, vaccines and medicines =3587.68 USD, food and chicks(2000)= 16873.24 USD. Total = 27 054,75 USD

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Young ambitious, determined and competitive. In training in Anthropology degree option sustainable development and nature as well as undergraduate student as assistant manager .My objectives: Participate in the green economy and promote the SDGs. Find ways to reconcile exploitation of nature and protection of nature. Contextualize the SDGs and socio-cultural realities of my country by carrying out actions that aim at Social Behavioral Change and reduce the problems related to Sexual and Reproductive Health in adolescents and young people. Promote the concept of peace, governance and social entrepreneurship in a young environment.
I participated and represented my country in several international meetings on topics ranging from the particular health, the SDG in a global way and also in the framework monitoring and evaluation of executions of conventions or declarations. I am able to write, execute and evaluate projects. I know how to write all the administrative documents necessary for the functioning of an organization. I am polivalent, methodical and rigorous in the work.
In 2014 our association received the assistance award from the United States Embassy in Gabon.
In 2014 we set up a tomato plantation for young people and by young people that allowed some to take lessons and others to make agriculture as a business
In 2016 we received the prize of the best youth association in Gabon awarded by the National Youth Council of Gabon.
In 2016 we participated in the development of the regional youth and culture of peace campaign in Central Africa with entrepreneurship as one of the solution was our position.

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Guy Quentin NGUEMA