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Louisa (XiaoYu) Wang


Project Overview


GyroPads main objectives are to alleviate paper wastage by high school students and to actively engage primary school students in recycling by teaching them a practical, innovative method of recycling. The process is that, through the help of high school councils, we can collect large numbers of old notebooks from high school students. These notebooks are often half-used, with clean pages untouched as students tend to dump these incomplete notebooks within storages in their respective houses and purchase brand new notebooks instead. Having collected these notebooks, we will contact local primary schools, proposing to run one-off workshops at the schools for the children there. During these workshops, with the help of high school volunteers, we will teach children how to make paper pulp from the used pages in old notebooks and mold these into recycled notebook covers. Finally these covers will be spiral-bound with the clean pages from old notebooks to produce new, reusable notebooks for the primary school children. This allows children to learn a viable method of recycling that they are capable of and furthermore children will feel a sense of personal contribution which may stimulate their interests in perpetuating the act of recycling. Throughout the workshop, educational video clips would be displayed to further enhance childrens knowledge on recycling.

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