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Haitham Shoman


Project Overview

SHOMZ - Social Enterprise - (a tribute from DIS IS ABILITY Project)

SHOMZ is a social enterprise established to bridge the gaps between the normal and disabled / disadvantaged people via pedagogical and innovative approaches, hence creating social equity and a better lifestyle. SHOMZ sells products produced by the disabled people online and the profit earned is to provide an income of the producer and re-employ another person to produce another product and the cycle goes. SHOMZs mission is to ensure its customers live healthy, so it promotes health education by messages delivered along with the product. Anyone can help a disadvantaged person by simply buying a product and employ on the go. Employment is made easy where no interviews nor applications are needed by the employees except their skills in production. This helps increase the income of the person and motivates them work more, produce more and earn more. You buy one, you employ one. People can simply embark a change with a click of a button. People simply help a life of a person with each product they buy. SHOMZ also grows to offer social solutions in education by improving conditions in some places and help enrolling others into schools. It also provides health care solutions by offering medical interventions and purchasing implants and prosthetic limbs by mass selling of products. SHOMZ is an enterprise established as a tribute to DIS IS ABILITY national project. Each product has a profit margin to help in the sustainability of the enterprise itself along with creating the self sustainable incomes for the differently abled in the enterprise.

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