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fields of expertise

Education,Tourism management,hospitality management ,and vocational and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge

I´m constantly looking for

Creating and making this senegambia college educational project in the Gambia for the youths of the country

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A forward thinking and much experienced administrator, possessing drive, ambition and ability. Having a broad knowledge of organising, managing and supporting the day to day activities required for running an educational institution. Flexible with strong team-working skills, able to work individually or as part of a group. Involved in a wide variety of tasks in areas such as admissions, resource planning and recruitment. Excellent organisational skills gained through all-round administrative experience.
Involved in the maintenance and supervision of the University. Providing administrative support on a daily basis to the students, Heads of Group, academic and research staff.
Helping in writing up of policies and procedures and also critical reports.
Organising workshops, seminars, cross-institutional networks and training programmes.
Giving specialist administrative support and advice or guidance to students.
Assisting with marketing activities.
Dealing with complaints and enquiries.
Regularly liaising with government and regulatory bodies.
Meeting face-to-face with students to give guidance.
Answering and dealing with telephone enquiries.
Ensuring that the company website is up to date with the latest information.
Preparing agendas and writing up minutes.
Re-solving maintenance issues and arranging routine maintenance.

Responsible for a range of administrative and secretarial duties, including maintaining accurate training records and files, providing support for committee meetings.

I am..

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Hamidou Manneh