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There is a huge wastage of resources in our society. In Pakistan only Tonnes of Dates and other fruits and vegetables are wasted. The wasted food is of no use to the society so we have planned to use it in animal food. It is a completely new idea which will revolutionize the food sector in general. Using veterinarians we can organize and mass produce food supplements for livestock. In Pakistan we are preparing to start with dates and our vet has confirmed that it is good for health

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Project Abundantia

The main objective of this idea is to create a sustainable institution which will grow over time. the institution will educate poor people with labor skills which many countries lack. for example in Pakistan gems and stone industry has potential but unskilled labor is a great problem. in Pakistan this institution will start from a small capital and it will house many shops which will generate revenue as rent a small boarding facility for students.many classes and food facility will also be present. teachers will be of two types 1: those who will make them literate( teach them how to read and write+ some other domains of knowledge) 2: those who will teach them skill and craftsmanship along with shops there will be housed an processing center(gems and stones for South Asia, diamonds for Africa) which will in turn do two things. 1: Generate revenue. 2: Teach those students and allow them to practice who have completed their basic theory. The institution shall issue a certificate that will act as a degree.

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